Park Colonial Site Plan

Park Colonial Site Plan

Reading a Floor Plan – All you need to know before buying a property

Park Colonial Download Floor PlansWhen you are starting to buy a property like Park Colonial for residential use, then it’s just not the property as it is going to be your home. And therefore there is a long list of things that homebuyers need to keep in mind before they sign the final deal. One thing that tops the list is to know what you are buying. This can be solved easily if the property is completed, you can just inspect over the place to understand the structure and everything you just need to know. But in case of under construction sites, floor plans save the hassle.

Reading floor plans don’t really means to count the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. All those symbols might appear confusing to you and make this reading floor plan a daunting task. However, if you are equipped with some basic knowledge of understanding these symbols, a lot more information than you can imagine can be gained from a very simple floor plan.

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A helpful trick in understanding a floor plan is to first look out for its entrance. Once found, you can better analyze how the entire unit is being described. Now, how to find the main door?

The symbol for doors is a quarter-circle. Doors not only serve orientation purposes but also allows you to see if the rooms are connected or not. For example, if the door of a bathroom opens into the master bedroom then you have a suite master bedroom.

The second thing to notice is the arc of the door symbol. It indicated the inward or outward swinging of the door. It is merely important to note the direction the door swings as that space will have to be left empty to allow the door to be opened.


Most people prefer natural light and ventilation and windows serve the mere purpose. There are specific symbols for the very two types of windows in Singapore; hollow line by the walls for representing sliding windows while symbol for casement windows is similar to doors except that they usually come in pairs.


The concept of open-home is very in these days, therefore people are removing walls.

Structural walls bear the weight of the entire structure thus they can’t be removed. However, the walls separating rooms can be safely removed. Now, how to differentiate between the types of walls?

Reading walls is easy, structural walls are indicated by thick lines while non-structural walls are indicated by thin lines. The walls that envelop the entire unit are likely to be structural however the rest of them all are more likely to be non-structural.

Floor layout

The most important thing while reading floor plan is to note how the different areas of the unit are laid. To do this, imagine yourself in the visuals and try to find out if it is comfortable for your lifestyle.

Go through the layout of the floor thoroughly, take note of every little detail. Notice how every part of the house is related to the other.


To note the actual dimensions mentioned in millimeters on the sides is very important. They are useful in estimating the size of each room in the unit and serves as a great aid when it comes to renovation.


Floor plan, besides size also provides the details about the size of every room. An ideal shape is a boxy shape. Odd corners shouldn’t be there as they result in wasted spaces to fit-in furniture.


PES – Private Enclosed Space is another thing to look out for. It is the private outdoor area for the unit whose size varies based on the preferences of the families moving in if they want a larger outdoor area or more bedrooms.


Cupboards are ideally known for saving the renovation cost. Study the floor plan to find out the built-in cupboards in the bedroom. You can infer from the location of the cupboards that if there is a walk-in wardrobe.

Maid’s Room

In Condominium units, the maid’s room is often located off the kitchen attached with a tiny bathroom. Families with helpers or maids must check out in the floor plan if there is a room for the maid.

Cutting it short, a basic floor plan is merely a visual aid to allow homebuyers for Park Colonial to know what they are buying is perfect for them or not. To be more affirmative, you can visit the Park Colonial showflat to get the developer sales personnel to go through the details of the floor plans, and to know more about the Park Colonial Price by registering early for the VVIP preview.